Gallery Software History: ArtStacks

ArtStacks started twenty years ago as a collaboration between myself, owner of a contemporary gallery in San Francisco, and an art loving programmer from Apple Computer.

Since then, with the help of many of our client's suggestions, there has been a non-stop evolution of the program. That collaboration with galleries (such as Leo Castelli, Danese, VonLintel, Roberts Tilton), artists (such as Chuck Close, Leon Golub, Nancy Spero, Jasper Johns), and collectors (Rubell Collection, Ken Freed, General Electric, William Louis Dreyfus) is at the core of our new version, ASX. The previous version of ArtStacks served us well for twenty years and ASX is now poised to take us well into the future.

Please stay tuned...

Signed by Bruce Velick

Artist Sofware

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